Uncover the Human

Uncover the Human

This is a show for people that want to get the most out of being human. Uncover the Human delivers conversations with people-centric experts to explore the hidden sides of humanity and unlock our full potential. With an emphasis on connection and the power of “we,” co-hosts Cristina Amigoni and Alex Cullimore illuminate the road to authenticity through coaching, candid conversations, and humor. When we access our authenticity, we can enhance our connection to the world, others, and ourselves. This show helps us get there. Brought to you by Siamo. New episodes most Wednesdays.


Promote Well Being for Well Doing with Duncan McLachlan

Nov. 30, 2022

The holiday season reminds us to appreciate the people around us, so what better time to re-run our conversation on respect with Duncan McLachlan. Respect is both a noun and a verb. It is something we experience and a way …

Doubt Is A Hobby with Fran Gallaher

Nov. 23, 2022

On today's episode of Uncover the Human we have the pleasure to welcome Fran Gallaher. Fran has inspired us to embrace our intuition. Intuition is a key part of how our minds work, it's the AHA moment that most people don't …

The Best Tool for Learning is Reflection with Tony Gambill

Nov. 16, 2022

Here is a replay of another one of our favorite episodes on leadership and the importance of self-leadership with Tony Gambill. Leading people is a complex task made up of thousands of tiny decisions and interactions, weavin…

Guest: Tony Gambill

The Multipotentialite Way of Life With Jude Schweppe

Nov. 9, 2022

On today's episode of Uncover the Human we have Jude Schweppe joining us. Jude has an eye opening way of approaching her work life, the multipotentialite way, embracing all her passions and skills rather than choosing one an…

Guest: Jude Schweppe

End of Season 2 - Living Authentically with Matthias Hartmann (Rerun)

Nov. 2, 2022

As we wrap up the second year of Uncover the Human, we are going to switch to biweekly releases of new episodes for the next couple of months. Here's the rerun of one of our many favorites, where we dig into the core of livi…

About the Hosts

Cristina Amigoni Profile Photo

Cristina Amigoni

Co-Host and Co-Founder of Siamo

I am a coach, a consultant, a problem solver and a creator of space where people can flourish as their true selves. As I took on various roles, titles, and jobs, I learned that my “why” didn't change - helping people connect with themselves, the people around them, and their organizations.

When people truly connect, teams shine, solutions are found, and new ideas take flight. In short: magic happens. I believe that each person has enormous untapped potential, that the true role of leaders (in communities, organizations and within the family) is to foster and celebrate the strengths and passions of each individual and uncover their authenticity.

Alex Cullimore Profile Photo

Alex Cullimore

Co-Host and Co-Founder of Siamo

I am a writer, comedian, and data and analytics developer (the classic triple threat). From an early age, I loved sharing my experiences through writing, including a grade school paper on being bored at school that the teacher lauded as “5 paragraphs on boredom that never lost my interest.”

In the years since, I have developed a passion for learning and sharing information regarding authenticity, privilege, and social justice. Combined with a career in data and analytics, I love the challenge of bringing in new figures and visualizations to support the journey to equality and living a deeply human life.