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So needed!

These are the conversations that we need to be having in the workplace - they help shift outdated beliefs and habits that are holding people and companies back. Great podcast!

Engaging, Educational and Fun!

I love the conversational tone that Alex and Christina strike in this podcast. You feel like you're sitting a cozy living room with them and enjoying a stimulating chat! Uncover the Human creates a wonderful give-and-take that engages and educates!

Engaging, Educational and Fun!

Alex and Christina do a wonderful job of creating a conversational atmosphere that engages and educates! I feel like I'm sitting in the room with them, enjoying a stimulating chat, and learning all kinds of great stuff!

We don't have to feel alone in the nitty gritty of self expansion.

It means to feel someone's way within yourself. To not feel alone. To know people get it. That I can let go a little and enjoy the ride. Have you ever wished there was someone sitting there noticing you in those shining moments of your life that you worked so diligently through habits and actions. Those moments went over so smoothly it could almost not seem real, if you downplayed it. This. This podcast is that witness. A guide and a witness of evolution; the nitty gritty that we all dig through in order to be present during energetic balance. Listen, discover and join a community. A genuine brave space where we seek to understand not to be right. I learn things like this here.

What Society needs to hear!!

This podcast is so helpful and engaging. It covers so many spectrums of our struggles and achievements throughout daily life. It allows the listener to gain perspective and guidance to better help us navigate the crazy world in which we live.

I always gain a valuable insight!

Really engaging and thoughtful conversations on a range of interesting and relevant topics that resonate. I always gain a valuable insight or actionable takeaway from an episode. Perfect companion to take on my runs!

Approachable and helpful

This podcast is like sitting around a table with Alex and Cristina, chatting about work challenges and finding some new ideas or mindsets about approaching the challenge differently.


I found this podcast on a day I was painting trim all weekend. I played the first one and listened to 6 more that day - I was completely engrossed! So many good stories and connections made to how to show up as a better person, employee, and manager.

Uma Gopaldass

Love what Cristina and Alex are creating here. Very well laid out leadership conversations packed with humor and wisdom. I highly recommend to add “Uncover the Human” to your podcast list. Alex and Cristina are highly eloquent conversationalists with valuable experience in human transformation and change management.


I love the podcast. Great conversations on topics that would benefit anyone in or out of the workplace, looking to connect with their inner authentic self. Highly recommended!

Quality Conversations

I love the conversational style of these podcasts. The topics are relatable and include so many timely and useful insights. I feel like I’m talking with two smart friends of mine when I listen to episodes on my walks.