Siamo is bringing you an in-depth exploration of authenticity in every aspect of our lives. From the workplace to family relationships to community groups, there is a universal premium on acting with authenticity, but practicing authenticity can feel elusive, challenging, and even impossible. Follow alongside as co-hosts Cristina Amigoni and Alex Cullimore search the world to discover what authenticity means, how we can foster it, and what we stand to gain when we uncover the human within.

About the Hosts

Alex CullimoreProfile Photo

Alex Cullimore

Co-Host and Co-Founder of Siamo

I am a writer, comedian, and data and analytics developer (the classic triple threat). From an early age, I loved sharing my experiences through writing, including a grade school paper on being bored at school that the teacher lauded as “5 paragraphs on boredom that never lost my interest.”

In the years since, I have developed a passion for learning and sharing information regarding authenticity, privilege, and social justice. Combined with a career in data and analytics, I love the challenge of bringing in new figures and visualizations to support the journey to equality and living a deeply human life.

Cristina AmigoniProfile Photo

Cristina Amigoni

Co-Host and Co-Founder of Siamo

I am a coach, a consultant, a problem solver and a creator of space where people can flourish as their true selves. As I took on various roles, titles, and jobs, I learned that my “why” didn't change - helping people connect with themselves, the people around them, and their organizations.

When people truly connect, teams shine, solutions are found, and new ideas take flight. In short: magic happens. I believe that each person has enormous untapped potential, that the true role of leaders (in communities, organizations and within the family) is to foster and celebrate the strengths and passions of each individual and uncover their authenticity.