Connecting with Uma Gopaldass on Making DEI Work

Connecting with Uma Gopaldass on Making DEI Work

DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) is an increasingly hot topic in corporate cultures, but is difficult to "get right." This week, we are joined by expert Uma Gopaldass to find out what is wrong with the typical approaches and how we can do better to unlock full value for humans and businesses alike.     Episode Notes can be found here  at

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Uma Gopaldass

Executive Advisor, Board of Directors, Investment Council Member

Uma Gopaldass is a successful leader with over 30-years of field experience working in five continents for multiple Fortune 500 companies in the Petroleum, Mining, Manufacturing, and Technology sectors. She advises on stakeholder governance through her advisory firm and sits on several boards guiding management to make spot-on decisions. Uma is certified in Diversity and Inclusion and facilitates Anti-Discrimination Programs. She is also an expert in Talent Optimization partnered with Predictive Index.

Uma shares her personal experience as a 5-foot Asian working offshore on remote oil rigs, underground mines, industrial ports, as well as corporate headquarters, navigating burnouts and excelling in male-oriented industries.