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Barbara Randell

Founder & President at Future Image Group

Barbara Randell moved to Denver from New York City in 1992, where she worked in the fashion industry for 10 years. Window design, producing fashion shows, design, store development, marketing, merchandising etc. we’re all great in NYC, but not very marketable in Denver.

Once in Denver she secured a position in the marketing department of a local oil company, rebranding a line of products and participating in developing an ad campaign (1998 - 2001).

In 2001, she was then recruited by a regional legal headhunting firm in their marketing department (2001 - 2004). She didn’t know the difference between litigation and transactional law, so faced a STEEP learning curve. She learned how to speak ‘legal’, grew a book of business and was recruited by the largest recruiting outfit in the world to grow their legal division. When she started in 2004, they had 2 recruiters, when she left in 2007, they had 6.

In 2007, she opened her own legal ‘headhunting ‘ business in 2007, Randell Bartlett & Benu and owned it until 2016.

In November, 2017, Future Image Group was born, offering a curriculum geared towards - but not exclusive to - millennials in the workforce. After noticing an alarming trend of younger professionals - and sadly now more senior members of the workforce - loosing the ability to develop, cultivate and maintain relationships with their clients, co-workers, superiors and subordinates. She wanted to learn if anyone in the country was addressing this profound issue. They were unable to identify even 1 organization focused on teaching this group HOW to develop professional relationships; so FIG was created to address this void.

Barbara Randell holds the following volunteer positions:

- Member of the Colorado Judicial Institute since 2010, Chair of Development, 2015 - 2017, Chair of the Board 2017 - present

- Faculty of the Young Lawyers Division of the CO Bar, ‘Marketing Bootcamp Series’ 2017 - present

- Member of the Marcia Brady Tucker Foundation - 1980 - present, multiple positions, currently President

Barbara Randell and Future Image Group can be found at the following links:

- Future Image Group Website:

- Linkedin:

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