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Justin Oberndorf

Young Adult Life Coach

An award winning teacher and life coach for teens and young adults. He helps young people find balance in their lives so they can be the best versions of themselves.

Justin, a.k.a Mr. O, is a Teen and Young Adult Life Coach who has years of experience facilitating and coaching teens to be successful young adults. He is a Banyan Collective Facilitator that facilitates building authentic communication and connection within teen communities.

Mr. O worked in the classroom for 16-years and is now a Life Coach, Certified Facilitator, and Motivational Speaker for teens and young adults.

Relationships are the Foundation: Social and Emotional Learning with Justin Oberndorf

March 9, 2022

What do middle schools and corporations have in common? This may sound like the setup for a joke, but there's a lot to learn from our latest guest, middle school teacher and life coach Justin Oberndorf. As an ex-corporate em…