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Kelli Oberndorf

Certified Professional Facilitator and Coach

Kelli holds a Master’s Degree in Healthcare Administration and is a Certified Professional Facilitator and Coach. She empowers individuals and organizations to invest in the wellbeing of their employees and themselves by strengthening relationships, building trust, and establishing community within the companies she works with. Kelli is highly skilled in interpersonal and team dynamics, conflict resolution, and 1:1 management coaching. Her work is practical, applicable, and will improve communication, kindness, and trust throughout the organization.

We See The World As We Are With Kelli Oberndorf

Oct. 26, 2022

In today's podcast episode, Cristina and Alex welcome Kelli Oberndorf again to dive into empathy and perspective. Many think that empathy is a skill that one can learn. However, empathy is a mindset and a way of being in the…

Uncovering Someone's Natural Abilities with Kelli Oberndorf

Oct. 5, 2022

We are very excited to have Kelli Oberndorf back on the podcast and announce that she is the newest member of the SIAMO family! Kelli has a background as an organizational coach, facilitator, and community builder. On today…

Connecting with Kelli Oberndorf on Breaking Down Silos

Dec. 29, 2021

This week we have a wonderful conversation with Kelli Oberndorf on how to connect different silos. As very commonly experienced, silos are widely present in organizations, despite the awareness that they cause deep gaps inte…