Kristin McGinnis Profile Photo

Kristin McGinnis

Founder and CEO, Conscious Business Connections

Kristin McGinnis transformed her life through yoga and a blend of spiritual practices.

Today, she uses this wisdom and a practical spirituality approach to create unique experiences for others to blossom into their authentic self.

As founder and CEO of Conscious Business Connections, her mission is to teach, empower, and influence business people around the world to lead in a more conscious manner – serving people, planet, profit and self.

By fulfilling this mission, individuals and businesses will thrive, creating a more joyful, harmonious and sustainable world for the greater good of all humanity.

Be The Change: New Ways to Network with Kristin McGinnis

May 25, 2022

There are many traditional business practices that could use some modernization, and business networking is one of them. Thanks to the work of professionals like our latest guest Kristin McGinnis, the days of small talk and …