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Marty Nocchi

Lead Writer | Online Content Designer | Blogger

Marty  is an influencer without always knowing he is an influencer!  He spent nearly 20 years of his adult life in ministry in the Catholic Church and left it behind nearly 2 years ago now. 

After spending a year living and working on an organic farm, he moved back to PA, with his family, as the pandemic was shutting our lives down.  He has spent the time since seeking a network of people while discerning next steps in life.  He loves to learn and understand where curiosity and dignity stand as core values of his.

Marty can be reached on LinkedIn at

Connecting with Marty Nocchi on Human Dignity & Institutional Lifecycles

Dec. 9, 2020

This week, we are joined by our first guest, Marty Nocchi! Marty has focused much of his life’s work on human dignity, a pursuit that led him into and years later back out of the catholic ministry. He shares his story and th…

Guest: Marty Nocchi