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Suraya Yahaya

Fractional COO | Fractional Integrator™ for Companies Running on EOS™ | Board Member | Small & Med. Co. Advisor | Entrepreneur

Suraya Yahaya is Founder and CEO of Khazana, Inc a firm offering Fractional COO and Fractional Integrator for EOS services to growing enterprises. Suraya is passionate about helping companies grow, scale and simplify their operations. She brings over 20 years of expertise in strategic alignment and process simplification to help clients successfully go from vision to execution.

Suraya is skilled at partnering with CEOs and leadership teams across a variety of industries and business stages to identify common goals, and to create and execute a plan to get there. She draws on her experience having worn many hats – attorney, strategist, market builder, transformation leader, P&L owner and entrepreneur / operator to identify areas of risk and remove roadblocks for growth.

As an EOS™ Integrator, Suraya loves to lead teams and help them grow. She believes in the power of people, process and systems working together as the basis for traction and execution. She enjoys the process of building and creating alignment around this. To that end, small- and medium-sized businesses are her passion. They present an opportunity to create operational elegance and set a culture of seamless collaboration and success.

Suraya is committed to giving back to the community and to mentoring and coaching the next generation of leaders. She is an active speaker on the topic of women leadership, diversity and inclusion in the talent pipeline, and serves on nonprofit leadership teams. She is also active in several entrepreneur and start-up communities, and provides advice to companies who are mission-driven to change the world.

Having lived and worked internationally after starting out from her native home country Malaysia, Suraya now lives in Colorado with her husband and 3 children, where they enjoy hiking and camping in the beautiful Rocky Mountains, cooking and continuing to travel and explore the world.

Connecting with Suraya Yahaya on Creating Your Authentic Career

Aug. 18, 2021

Suraya Yahaya is the founder of Khazana, Inc, where she provides fractional COO services for several companies. Her story proves the value of boiling your business down to fundamental values as a means of creating satisfacti…

Guest: Suraya Yahaya