The Power of Emotional Intelligence with Debbie Muno and Jeff Summers

The Power of Emotional Intelligence with Debbie Muno and Jeff Summers

As we close out the year, we decided to rerun one of our favorite episodes on the core of the social aspect of human nature: Emotional Intelligence. We spoke to Debbie Muno  &  Jeff Summers last year and EQ is even more relevant today.   Debbie and Jeff are experts in the Emotional Intelligence space and helping teams and organizations improve EQ, one of the most influential skills for workers and leaders in the 21st century.

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Jeff SummersProfile Photo

Jeff Summers

Managing Director - Genos North America

My interest in Emotional Intelligence started in 1985 when I began paying attention to, and applying the ideas that I learned from my reading. Now, as an Authorized Distributor for Genos International and as a Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner, I have the opportunity to work with coaches, consultants and trainers, Organizational Development Specialists, Human Resource Professionals, Corporate Trainers and business owners – enabling them to fill this need of advancing Emotional Intelligence inside of their client companies and organizations.

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Debbie Muno

Managing Director - Genos North America

My fascination with Emotional Intelligence started long before I even knew that it had a formal name. Working in television, competing in gymnastics, owning a business and being married all taught me to address, manage and try to understand my emotions and those of the people around me – this was my informal EI Education.