Uncover the Human is an exploration of authenticity at work, home, and life. Listen in to gain a deeper understanding of living a more authentic, human life with co-hosts Alex Cullimore and Cristina Amigoni plus guests. Episode Notes can be found here at

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Alex Cullimore  0:04 
Hi, I'm Alex Cullimore

Cristina Amigoni  0:06 
And I'm Cristina Amigoni

Alex Cullimore  0:07 
We've started the new podcast uncover the human. Uncover the human is an exploration into authenticity in every aspect of our lives.

Cristina Amigoni  0:14 
Have you ever felt disengaged at work? Playing a role that just doesn't feel right? Is life feeling like a spectator sport?

Alex Cullimore  0:21 
Are you maybe avoiding life for work right now to find a new podcast?

Cristina Amigoni  0:24 
Your search is over. Uncover the human brings you weekly insights from the hosts and guests about how to live authentically

Alex Cullimore  0:32 
and close the gap between who you are and how you live in your home, workplace and community.

Cristina Amigoni  0:37 
We are coaches, consultants, comedians, humans,

Alex Cullimore  0:41 
basically people who like to talk, listen and connect

Cristina Amigoni  0:44 
and we want to bring you closer to living the best life, your own.

Alex Cullimore  0:48  
Uncover the human start listening today anywhere you listen to podcasts.