Connecting with Laurie McElroy on Playing Big

Connecting with Laurie McElroy on Playing Big

Starting off 2021 with a bang, this week we are talking to Career, Executive, Life and Mental health coach Laurie McElroy about Playing Big and what it means to access the parts of us we feel are most authentic. Great listen for anyone looking to make the most out of the New Year or turn over a new, bold leaf in life. Episode Notes can be found here at 

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Laurie McElroy

Career, Executive, Life and Mental Health Coach | Corporate Culture Crafter | Thinking Trap Escape Artist | Value-Centric Vision

Laurie is a Mental Health Coach. She attended the iPEC coach training program and is an ICF Professional Certified Coach, along with being a Master Practitioner of the ELI. She has a Masters in Psychology w/ specialization in Executive Coaching & Industrial Organization Psychology.  Laurie has coached more than 400 clients over the course of 900+ hours. She went through coach training last year and hit the road running to build her impressive coaching career.  She grew up in entrepreneurial families and has always had a deep interest in people, which moved her towards become a coach, to work with people every day and help them reach their highest potentials.  Super fan of anyone who is interested in understanding themselves at a deeper level.

Laurie can be reached on LinkedIn and via email