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Becca Marshall

Integrative Psychotherapist and Wellness Coach

Becca is the Founder and lead practitioner of ActivXchange. At the heart of her work lies a passion for empowering conscious-leaders, working professionals and emerging adults to become active participants in the cultivation of health and healing through personalized engagement in lifestyle medicine.

A practitioner of integrative mental health for well over a decade, Becca was drawn through her personal journey of healing & growth to weave complementary eastern methods with evidence-based western approaches to optimizing healthcare. Over the years, she has been successful in skillfully supporting individuals who are motivated to tap into their natural human capacity for healing and living well.

As a clinician, Becca has nearly 20 years of experience in psychology, energy medicine and holistic, mind-body approaches to cultivating health and wellness. Becca is a trauma-informed, licensed mental health counselor (in the State of Florida), and is a certified practitioner of BodyTalk, mindfulness and wellness coaching. Becca has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University at Buffalo and a Masters of School Counseling from Canisius College, and regularly engages in ongoing trainings & educational opportunities. At the moment she is training to become certified as a Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Provider.

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Aug. 24, 2022

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