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Gail Montgomery

Chief "FUN" Officer and Co-Founder

As Chief "FUN" Officer and Co-Founder of ExperienceYes, Gail teaches folks about the importance of having an Improv Mindset. Widely accepted in many industries, learning the rules, and methodologies of improv helps companies get to solutions faster, develop high-performing teams, and increase emotional intelligence.

Industry agnostic, Gail works with forward-thinking organizations that are seeking to break OUT of the boring training and development of the past and jump IN to fun and experiential sessions designed for leaders and teams to be effective and successful in ambiguity.

Her unique approach to company challenges has increased team performance, communication, and creative problem-solving.

Gail has a BFA in Music Theatre, which is SUPER useful in the corporate world, and has experience in Human Resources, Change Management, and Training and Development.

She is Co-author of the book "The Improv Mindset", available as an audiobook and digital or print in English and Spanish on Amazon.

You can connect with her on LinkedIn

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Gail's book, The Improv Mindset can be found on Amazon @

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