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Mirko Maccarrone

CEO @The Mastery Hub | Global Marketing Leader | Coachsultant

My name is Mirko Maccarrone, founder and CEO of The Mastery Hub, award-winning Marketer, Leadership & communication Coachsultant. My why is to inspire and empower people with the ultimate aim to elevate human potential with The Mastery Hub, the world's first digital coachsulting platform.

Over the last 10 years, I managed marketing and communications for fortune 100 companies including Huawei, Bvlgari, Vodafone, Toyota and Expedia while working at Saatchi & Saatchi.

In 2018, I was responsible for the launch of Storysign in Australia. A revolutionary free app powered by Huawei ai which takes words from selected books and turns them into sign language, helping thousands of deaf children and their parents around the globe to read and sign together | 1.5b global reach and 7 Lions won at the festival of creativity.

In 2021, I quit the corporate world to pursue my why! I'm now on a mission to revolutionize the coaching & consulting industry with the launch of The Mastery Hub | the world's 1st digital Coachsulting platform. At The Mastery Hub, we help individuals and organizations master the most important aspects of life by transforming their communication, performance, leadership, well-being and relationships with cutting-edge Coachsulting programs.

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Connecting with Mirko Maccarrone on Developing Conscious Leadership

June 2, 2021

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