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Susan Sanders

Founder & CEO

Susan currently leads Spinderok, helping customers expertly engineer and sustain the employee experience, harnessing workplace technology. She is passionate about enabling inclusive, compassionate and sustainable workplaces where both employees and the business thrive.

She’s spent over 15+ years in the trenches alongside senior HR, IT and Communications execs, including 8 years at Willis Towers Watson and 3 years leading Velaku – a communications technology start-up. Susan is a member of the People Intelligence Alliance and BARC (a radical collaborative focused on business sustainability).

She currently serves as the Advocacy Chair for IAMCP Chicago Chapter and on the advisory board for IAMCP Tech Equity Committee. She is also an avid sailor and an advocate of Women’s and adaptive sailing. She earned her MBA from Arizona State University.

Susan can be reached via her website:

or via LinkedIn

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