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Michanda Lindsey

Transformation and Presence Coach

Michanda Lindsey believes that each of us is already magnificent, whole and and that the answers to our deepest questions are already within us. Under the umbrella of Presence and Transformation, Michanda provides Executive Coaching, Life Coaching and Spiritual Coaching. She works with individuals and groups of all backgrounds in person and virtually, and offers The Flow coaching certification program, as well as Equity and Inclusion trainIng. Michanda supports her clients in making the powerful shift of living inside out instead of outside in. By guiding people to connect more deeply to their inner heart, Michanda leads them to their own reservoir of power so that they can create and access more peace, purpose and connection to themselves, others and life as a whole.

Passionate about the arts and committed to bring light to the complexity, vulnerability, and majesty of humanity, Michanda is also serving as a Producer for the upcoming film BLACKFACE: the story of nobody. Altogether her eclectic background as a Presence and Transformation coach, a former television news anchor and reporter, and a present day priest, yogi, wife, mother, and film producer, leads to one underlying river of hope. Michanda desires for all of us to know the beauty of oneness, the freedom of being enough, the power of presence and the treasures found in stillness.

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