Inspiration, Influence, and Impact: Redefining Mentorship with Scott Miller

Mentorship can be so much more than a formal professional relationship with a C-Suite executive at our company. Mentors are all around us.  They are the people who inspire, influence, and impact us. 

In a truly inspiring, influential, and impactful episode, our latest guest Scott Miller provides insight on how to be a great mentor and a great mentee. He teaches us to look for mentors everywhere in our lives—to find people who inspire you to be a better leader, a better partner, a better human, and to be that person for others. 

Credits: Raechel Sherwood for Original Score Composition.

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Scott Miller

Capping a 25-year career where he served as a chief marketing officer and executive vice president of business development, Scott Jeffrey Miller currently serves as FranklinCovey’s senior advisor on thought leadership, leading the strategy and development of the firm’s speaker’s bureau, as well as the publication of podcasts, webcasts, and bestselling books.

Scott also hosts On Leadership with Scott Miller, the world’s largest and fastest-growing weekly leadership podcast. In addition, Scott authors a leadership column for