Connecting with Eimear Zone on Impostor Syndrome

Connecting with Eimear Zone on Impostor Syndrome

Confidence coach Eimear Zone joins this week to discuss the pervasive and corrosive experience of Impostor Syndrome. The stakes for living a full life are high and Eimear shares some great insights into detecting and moving beyond our fear of not belonging to access a life well lived.  Episode Notes can be found at 

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Eimear Zone

Confidence Coach | Author | Voracious Reader | Coach to Creatives, Leaders and Entrepreneurs

Eimear is a Confidence Coach and author of "The Little Book of Good Enough" - an impact focused guide to help readers quieten their inner critic, release themselves from the depletion of self-doubt, and ultimately own their worth. In her coaching she takes a "values first" approach to help clients uncover what they truly want to be about in life before digging in, throwing rocket fuel on the spark of their passion, helping them build the “challenge over comfort” muscle, and a pathway to their full potential.

Eimear is a native of Dublin, Ireland and now lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico with her husband and 3 teenage children. She’s an avid runner and ran her first marathon in 2019 to celebrate turning 50 and is currently toying with the idea of an Iron(wo)man.