Connecting with Rebecca Brown Adelman and Trent Norman on Practicing Social Justice

Most people want equality, to be an ally, to improve the world, and make things a little more just - the only problem is that it is very hard. Rebecca Brown Adelman and Trent Norman created Affinity Arts Consulting to give people the ability to practice social justice, difficult conversations, and real interactions with complex topics so we can all be a little more comfortable making the world a better place.

They share tips and stories about the ongoing process of improving ourselves and working to get it right, and how to access the practice and courage it takes to do the work of equality. 


Rebecca and Trent can be found on their website and on social media (links below):
They have also co-authored the following articles:

Credits: Raechel Sherwood for Original Score Composition.

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Rebecca Brown Adelman & Trent Norman

Co-founders & Co-directors of The Interactive Theatre Project

Trent Norman and Rebecca Brown Adelman were co-founders and co-directors of The Interactive Theatre Project, a theatre for social change program, at the University of Colorado at Boulder from 1999–2015.

They are founding partners of Affinity Arts Consulting. With decades of expertise in theatre and social justice, they have successfully constructed, performed, and facilitated well over a thousand trainings on topics related to Race, Class, and Gender among other important issues.

Their work takes them all over the country and during the pandemic they have successfully translated their interactive performances to a virtual platform.

Trent and Rebecca were awarded the Swortzell Award for Innovation in Applied Theatre from NYU and are co-authors of several articles for ArtsPraxis.

Trent and Rebecca can be found at the following links: