Get Curious! Busting Biases and Assumptions with Amanda Gulino

Our latest guest, Amanda Gulino, is on a mission to make Mondays better for everyone. Through awareness and curiosity, Amanda teaches us to avoid assumptions, bust our own biases, and learn from others who we may not agree with. In yet another insightful and inspiring conversation, we're reminded  that there are no dead ends in our own growth development - it's all a part of the journey. Listen to our newest episode of Uncover the Human to learn more about finding fulfillment at work and making a bigger impact.

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Amanda Gulino

Leadership Coach, Facilitator, Experience Designer

Amanda Gulino (she/her/hers) is an accomplished coach, facilitator, and people leader with a deep passion for helping organizations create environments where everyone can show up fully, contribute, and thrive.

Amanda is passionate about coaching leaders to achieve their fullest potential and build healthy, thriving teams that get results. She also works with companies to build equity-centered talent and organizational culture initiatives that work for everyone. She has worked with a broad array of clients across the U.S., including nonprofits, tech companies, start-ups, and philanthropic organizations.

Clients have described Amanda as a kind, yet honest truth-teller who inspires people to take steps toward achieving their goals.

Amanda is a lifelong learner, and her studies in psychology, learning & development, inclusion & belonging, and core energy coaching influence her approach. In the future, Amanda plans to study Positive Psychology for her own learning and in service of her work with others. Amanda's insights have been featured on panels, in podcasts, and on a few different sites including Fast Company, Glassdoor, and Thrive Global.

Amanda holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Education from Louisiana State University. She is an iPEC and International Coaching Federation certified leadership coach, an Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner, and a trained inclusive leadership and anti-bias facilitator.

Amanda lives in Denver, CO with her partner Lizzie and three rescue dogs. Outside of work, you can find her running, spending time outdoors, learning to garden and reading.

You can learn more about Amanda on LinkedIn and on her website.