Job Reset: Building a Better Relationship to Your Work with Taylor Short

What happens when we start disliking our job? The answer isn't always to jump ship. With a little help from our latest guest Taylor Short, you can change your relationship to the ship and discover ways to find fulfillment in your work again. Taylor is a Job Reset Coach who promotes joy and flexibility in the workplace to help employees replenish their energy and avoid burnout. With her unique nature-informed insights, she teaches us how to redirect our energy and be more productive in the workplace and beyond.

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Taylor Short

Job Reset Coach & Consultant

Taylor Short is a Job Reset Coach & Consultant, as well as author of Reset Your Relationship to Your Job.

She’s fired up about disrupting the narrative that work is meant to be stressful and knows what’s possible for employees and companies when they shift their relationship to their job.

Taylor helps companies, leaders and teams move from feeling stuck and overwhelmed to energized and fulfilled, without leaving their job. Having spent 15+ years climbing the corporate ladder herself, Taylor discovered a missing piece in Corporate America. The entire focus was on external success, but most employees were experiencing a significant internal struggle. Through her own work, she learned what it takes to balance these two and eventually left to start her own business – Harmonious Return - to help people reset the way they relate to their jobs. She knows when people are fulfilled internally, they tap into a goldmine of energy, passion and worth that positively impacts everything they do.

Taylor can reached via her website